ARC - Advocating Reproductive Choices

ARC Coalition advocates family planning as a human right

Date: 11 | July | 2018

Since, family planning has been enunciated as a human right in the UN Charter, reiterated in all international and regional human rights agreements, and now brought to focus by the theme for World Population Day 2018, ‘Family Planning is a Human Right’, according to ARC coalition statement to mark the celebration of World Population Day 2018 on 11 July. Access to contraceptive information is fundamental to achieving gender equality and we need to stress the importance of male engagement for a successful family planning programme, according to ARC coalition statement. Read More>>

The Government’s Rolling Out Of 3 New Contraceptives Is A Step Towards Women’s Empowerment

Date: 28 | December | 2016

One of the most significant ways to empower women is to give them control of their body. To create an enabling environment for them to make decisions concerning their sexual and reproductive health—including when to have children and how many. Family planning and access to contraception is one of the most effective ways of doing so. Every woman should have the right to have access to these services, including counselling, which will enable her to make an informed choice as well as exercise her right to regulate fertility. Read More>>

Media statement by Advocating Reproductive Choices (ARC) Coalition on the call for a two child norm

Date: 30 | April | 2016

Members of the Advocating Reproductive Choices (ARC) coalition wish to assert in light of a statement made by Mr Giriraj Singh, Union Minister calling for the imposition of a two-child norm in India. We wish to assert that statements such as these undermine family planning and its wide benefits towards empowering women by improving their health, nutritional status and directly impacting their economic outputs. Family planning cannot be seen within a limited population control framework. It needs to be seen within the larger rights approach. Read More>>